H. Scott Clemente

H. Scott Clemente

H. Scott Clemente is the founder of Socio-Logic. Scott first became fascinated with how people interact with each other and how situations affect interaction early in life. In elementary and junior high school, Scott began to observe how various social groups at school recognized members. These observations led him to deliberately experiment to determine what outward symbols (clothing, hair, etc.) were fundamental to the perception of membership in particular groups. Scott also experimented with whether status and likability, could lead members of a group to accept a person as a member, even though some of the outward symbols used by the person would contradict membership.

Scott continued his interest in the social sciences, though eventually settled into a technical career in early adulthood, during the first days of the .COM era. While demonstrating technical proficiency, Scott also demonstrated an ability to work with people, and served as a technical team lead managing teams for over 10 years, on large-scale projects in business and technology. Eventually, Scott realized they enjoyed working with people and the social science behind working with people, more than the technology. Scott went back to school and early on began sociological consulting. Scott has a PhD in sociology and an additional master’s degree in psychology. Whereas psychology can be described as the study of individuals and their traits/behavior, sociology can be described as the study of groups and interaction.

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Most of Scott’s undergraduate work focused on the theoretical and practical aspects of dealing with conflict. Enough of Scott’s undergraduate work was focused on conflict that they were able to earn a separate Conflict Management Specialist certificate, along with their bachelor’s in sociology. Scott also has enough mediation experience to be a Credentialed Distinguished Mediator and most of their mediation experience is in interpersonal and organizational contexts. Additionally, Scott has devoted over 12 years to studying and practicing Nonviolent Communication (NVC). NVC is rooted in the perspective that the way a person communicates and interacts with another person can change the quality of connection between them. Scott is the only person in the Dallas area to have completed all requirements for certification outlined by the Center for Nonviolent Communication (still awaiting official certification).

Organizations and Communities

Scott’s graduate sociological studies were focused on communities, neighborhoods, and organizations. In addition to coursework relevant to these areas, Scott conducted multiple supervised research projects that were used to help organizations, neighborhoods, and communities to create desired change. Over an 8-year period, Scott served as a community organizer and community facilitator in Dallas-based neighborhoods helping to create change on local issues at the neighborhood and city level. Regarding organizations, in addition to over 10 years of actual experience managing teams, Scott has served as an organizational development consultant for another 10 years to organizations of varying size, in varying sectors, including business, technology, medical, sales/customer service, and nonprofit/religious.

Sociological Consulting

Most of Scott’s academic background is in sociology and they identify as a “clinical sociologist.” However, the type of sociological work Scott performs is also sometimes called “sociological practice” or “practice-oriented sociology,” which means Scott uses sociological theory and methods, combined with practical skills, to help people create desired change in situations involving people. Scott also has an additional master’s degree in humanistic psychology, which reminds him to not lose focus on individuals even in group settings.

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